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Default Loved RCL Voyager Of The Seas 01/10/2010

Back on board our most fav RCL ship and crew. Great service and it is great when crew remember you and call you by name saying "Good to see you Mr & Mrs "Guest" and welcome back." Happened so many times. Got 2 or 3 calls to our stateroom from upper staff saying "Welcome Back" and some wine sent to our room. You may notice from the signature at the bottom, we have cruised RCL VOTS a time or two. It is great to see staff we met on the first cruise who have now moved up in better and higher positions on the ship.

I saw a posting on this board from someone who stated "*(*&*^&$@#!^9%" never cruise Royal Caribbean again. Sorry for them. We are Platinum, but do not think we received response from staff because of status, but because we just sought to connect as friends and know about their lives.

Any who, seek to related to staff on any cruise ship and you'll find a friendship that will endure.
In the words of Donna Summer's (adapted to this post)

They works hard for the money
so hard for it honey
they work hard for the money
so you better treat them right

In my humble opinion
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