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OK people i have to "admit" that my post here about being able to make a flight from any port that is a little drive from your cruise post my thought's have changed. I have a story why this is.. So here is goes. My Brother and Sister in-law where cruising on the voyager of the seas in Galveston, TX thou it is roughly 1.5 hrs from the Houston "iah" airport to the port of Galveston there trip down and making the ship was great, but the way home was a different story.

If i remember right they did not get in to port till 130-200pm "where scheduled to arrive at 7am" and looks like the ship did not leave till 3-4am this morning all this due to fog.. The only way they mad there 330pm flight from Houston was to skip the shuttle and get a cab. Even thou the cab ride cost $240.00 to the airport....When they told me that i was like wow.. American airlines told them that if they missed there flight it would not be till "mid week" before they could be a flight home to Michigan. So they thought it was cheaper to pay that cab fare then have to pay for a hotel for the next few day's etc. So since this post was here i thought i would pass this along. I wonder what it was like last night for all the people who where trying to board VOS. On rccl's site they said not to arrive to the port till 6pm. What do you do if you are already at the pier at noon or so or you are check out of your hotel room? That would be a long time just to sit around with your luggage.. So even thou Florida may or may not have this problem this is something to think about go to and leaving your cruise vacation.
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