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Originally Posted by con2010 View Post
I was on the Grand Princess 2 weeks ago and i was wondering if there was a way to re-connect with a worker on that ship. He took a lot of pride in his job and I saw him every day, working hard. I wanted to give him my email address but waited till the end and then I didn't see him...figures. I only know his first name, but I know where he's from and were he normally works. Can anyone help?.

Hi, Con2010, I really hate to "burst your bubble", but there's probably no way to contact this young man. I'm just trying to be honest with you and not get your hope's up . If he had wanted to keep in contact with you he would have given you his email.

As you cruise more, you'll find that the people who work on board ships are very nice, but are really not interested in any "hookup's". Most of the young men are married, have children and are sending their $$ home. If you do happen to re-connect, find him and enjoy a relationship, please let us know!

I must say that there was once a young lady who posted here on CM's and married a young man who was working on a cruise ship . It was the only time I ever saw this kind of connection.
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