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Originally Posted by nlb1050 View Post
momofmeg, in the Caribbean they do serve tap water but of course for bottled water there is a charge, it seems that the Europeans do not like the taste of the tap water so it is not readily available in Europe.

We found that the the tap water was just fine, really no different than on other ships.

At meals if you want water they will try to get you to buy bottled but no problem with just requesting tap.
Yes, I have been to Europe. Water was expensive too. You could get a glass of wine about as cheap. You alse had to say "no gas," or else you got mineral water. We found a grocery store near our hotel in Paris that sold a 6 pack, of 1 liter bottles of water for 3 euros. The grocery store also had canned iced tea. We bought quite a bit of drinking stuff there for drinking. We would usually just order either coffee or wine with our meals.

All the lines charge for bottled water. It seems the most I would miss, is grabbing a cup of coffee in the lido area. I would probably end up buying more specialty coffees. I did that a lot also in Europe. If MSC has the good European coffee I won't mind.
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