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Originally Posted by You View Post
On my cruises over the last few years I have seen fewer and fewer tuxedos. I quit wearing a tuxedo when I lost weight and my tuxedo no longer fit and I didn't see a truly valid reason to buy another one. I've never been someone who gets "great" pleasure in dressing up.

I'll admit that you will see a lot more tuxedos on Crystal, where it's the norm, or Cunard but on most mainstream lines I would guess that 20% of men wear one.

I now wear a very nice, tailored, dark suit and I'm very happy with it.

I also love CC casual lines like Azamara, Oceania and NCL where a tuxedo or even a jacket is not required or expected.

What do you think and how do you feel about tuxedos?
It really depends a lot upon the cruise line and, on Celebrity, on the itinerary. In general, you'll see a lot more tuxedos on longer cruises than on shorter cruises.

That said, today, many professionally employed men simply do not own business suits because they don't wear suits in their work. This is especially true in the "high tech" fields and in science and engineering in general. In my office, for example, sports shirts or polo shirts and slacks are the norm. We do put on coats and ties when we have meetings with customers on the schedule, but a sport coat is quite adequate so no suit is required. For guys in such a situation, it's a lot cheaper to rent a tux than to buy a suit -- and by renting from the cruise line, one does not have to pack the tux. The result may be more tuxes among first timers on the more "upscale" lines like Celebrity.

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