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Originally Posted by You View Post
ok i have to bring this up as another question on this topic. Personally in all my past cruise's i have always worn a dark suit and tie to the formal night's.. But on that note i personally don't like having to pack all those extra clothes. My question for discussion is this.... With the airline policy's changing almost daily on luggage and charging quite a bit for a bag and especially for a 2nd and so on can a person afford almost to pack all the formal wear let alone the casual attire you have to pack for the casual night's.... I'm almost ready on the formal night's to skip the main dining room and book one of the specialty restaurants and wear your casual but yet dressy wear, or go to the windjammers on rccl and be done with it. I do completely understand some people like to get all dressed up but anymore I'm not sure......

I have seen people wear jean's, shorts and those bright Hawaiian shirts on casual and formal night's as well thou. Not saying it was right or wrong but i have seen it and they where seated and served in the formal dining room.

I personally think that there should just be casual night's and no more formal night's.. I believe there is a lot to do with the formal night and income to the cruise line with all the photo's etc that are taken those night and sold.. Plus i always end up changing afterword's and going to the pool or upper decks have a drink or something and a lot of time's it hard to walk and lounge around all evening in dress clothes. Maybe and just a thought on the "formal night" 1st seating could be more dressed down casual and for everyone that was to dress up and be "formal" have the second seating for that....just a thought
Let me offer two thoughts on this.

>> 1. There are folks like you who would prefer an "all casual" cruise and folks like me who really look forward to the "formal" evenings. In fact, some people actually take cruises because the "formal" evenings give them opportunities to "dress to the nines" that they don't have at home.

>> 2. It is not possible to accommodate both groups on the same ship because the dress of the participants is an essential element of the ambiance of a "formal" evening.

Do you see where I am going with this?

I really would like to see Royal Caribbean International split off about half of its ships to form another cruise line marketed in North America that would offer an "all casual" cruise experience. This may well happen as a result of competing market forces.

But if you really want an "all casual" cruise, you do have several very viable options right now.

>> Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) advertises "formal optional" evenings.

>> Carnival Cruise Line has lowered its standard of dress for "elegant" evenings to admit a shirt and slacks (no tie or jacket necessary) for gents.

>> Disney Cruise Line, Azamara Club, and Oceania Cruises offer "all casual" cruises on every itinerary.

The bottom line here is that the onus is on us to choose a cruise line that offers what we want. Saying that you want to "dress down" on a cruise line known for real "formal" evenings is about like going into a Hummer dealer to buy a new Mini Cooper. It's simply not the product that the company sells.

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