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Originally Posted by You View Post
so just thinking maybe all of us could make a list of what cruise line's would not even think of allowing you to wear jean's or anything other then a tux or suit, and some other lines that are a little more workable? Just wondering... Most of us know but some may not.
I think that you are asking the wrong question.

Regardless of enforcement or lack thereof, the norms of social etiquette always require that one dress to the standards set by the host(ess) for a social function. Once the host(ess) states that a dinner, or a social evening, is a "modified black tie" event, that is the end of the discussion. There is no flexibility beyond that guideline.

Thus, the right question is not one of "other lines that are a little more workable." Rather, the right question is other lines that set a different standard of evening dress.

And I think that I actually answered that question in my previous post.

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