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Default Problem Cruises

Somebody once asked me if I had missed a port...yes, I had..I said.. we were supposed to go to Morocco and instead ended up in Cartegena, Spain(boring port)...BUT I HAD FORGOTTEN, the cruise that wasn't... We were due to sail from NYC on the NCL Seaward to Bermuda, I remember it was we got to the NCL port...we were given a slip of paper.. It seemed Bermuda was about to be hit by a hurricane and we WOULD NOT be going there but to what we called Bermuda North...Newport, Boston (our home port), Halifax, St. John and Portland or Bar Harbor...not Bermuda.. Think about it folks..people had packed and planned to go to Bermuda... Bermuda was about to be hit by a tropical storm...should NCL risk the lives of their passengers (read the fine print on the back of your contract).They were up until the time we were boarding working with their weather people. There was almost a near riot at the NY port...seriously.. people threatened to call the NY tv stations, girls were crying (I kid you not)..not one person thought about the poor people of Bermuda....This was not what I had planned either..we docked in Newport which is only one hour from our home, docked in Boston and stayed on the way to go home..and revisited Bar Harbor, St. John and Halifax... One passenger and I really have to smile to think of it.. had driven from Halifax to NYC.. to go to Bermuda for his birthday and he was sailing past his home in Halifax... Did NCL offer us any they didn't... So, missing one port for a problem on a I missed a whole cruise to Bermuda.. AND YOU THINK YOU HAD A PROBLEM..... When you get a lemon.. make lemonade