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I never my guest bedroom closet, I have my cruise clothes and open suitcase...when I return from my cruise, I get them dry cleaned (or do the laundry and iron)..about 60 days out I try on everything to see how much weight i have to lose

I always treat myself to one new outfit and then coordinate with my lady cruise friend what she is wearing for formal night, so I can compliment with a new tie and shirt and the right color dress shoes (us men have it soooooo tough) and we go shopping at Dillards for a matching casual outfit and white linen night outfits (she picks)..our toughest part is to pick out our various theme night outfits (this October on the Capital Jazz Cruise they have a favorite NFL team night and I already have all my Super Bowl Saints Who Dat attire)

since I go on alot of Smooth Jazz Cruises..about month before, I make sure we both have all the latest artist CD's downloaded on our MP3 players and that I pack all of the CD covers so they can be autographed on the ship

Two days out I charge up my 2 cameras, pack my one bag (22 inch) and leave my camera bag open for any last minute stuff

the night before we leave, I enjoy watching my lady friend pack/unpack in a state of frenzy and I relax by pouring a glass of wine and popping in the DVD "Out To Sea'
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