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Some lines are more casual and indicate this. NCL and Carnival come to mind. HAL is not as casual, but many consider the "suggested wear" means it is only "suggested," and so, there is no problem with wearing whatever.

I hate that. I like the nice experience and ambiance of dressing up a bit for dinner. In late 2008 I crusied NCL, and I knew I would not have this, but I also did not expect others to "bend" to my wants, as I realized I had chosen to cruise that line, and so I had to respect their guidelines. I just wish others who cruise the lines who ask you to dress "smart casual", that they not try to turn that into "casual". Why not cruise the lines that have no problem with the more casual dress? Or if you choose a line that asks you up your dress a notch, (I do understand this-sometimes you pick a cruise for itinerary) that you repsectfully do this even if this is not your preference?
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