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Hi, just got back from a 5 day cruise on Century. from my past experience, problems getting off the ship were not the cruise lines fault, but the slow and involved immigration process in Miami. This has changed now!!!!!!!!!! First of all, you can take your lugagge and get off the ship on your own at the time of your choice (after the ship has been cleared). Secondly the normal disembarkation process ist very smooth now. I spoke to the lady at check in and told her my horror story from a few years back, and she told me that everything had chenged, that morning (Feb-15) the last passenger was off the ship at 10am. when we got back on Feb-20, our color called for 8.40 am in the theater, we were promptly called at 8.35 am, went one deck down, off the ship, picked up bags and were outside in a cab by 09.05am!!!! Don't know how much the price difference in your airfare will be between Miami and Ft Lauderdale, but a shuttle costs you around 35 $ per person, a taxi between 70 and 80 $ to FLL and about 35 to MIA.
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