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Thank you for all your wonderful feedback, everyone!

I obviously forgot about wrinkles - even though it's all casual tops except fopr a long gown and a sun dress - so I toook my pants and shirts all out and put them on their own shelf in my armoire. So that the day I fly out I can just quickly roll them up and pout them back in the suitcase. The other non-clothing items are in the suitcase or boarding bag already, however.,

Most items on my planning & packing checklist spreadsheet are now checked off as either having been done or packed (or put on the cruise clothing shelf). This will leave just a few last minute things to do or to toss in either bag. Today I run to the bank to get a bunch of small bills for tips and such.

Again, if anyone wants a copy of my template travel planning & packing checklist to alter for their own needs, just PM me and provide your email address!
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