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You know Ray there's no guarantee, everytime we walk out of our house there's a chance we could get run over by a bus.

Reminds me of a winter cruise on NCL Spirit we took a few years back. We were way up on the 9th deck. The week before a rogue wave hit and busted out a window on the room across the hall completely flooding the room and sucking the contents out into the sea. Viv and Bo, friends we met on our Jewel Repo in November were in an Owner's Suite (can't recall which NCL ship) right beneath the bridge when a wave hit and completely took out the window and water tight door on the front balcony. They were actually in the cabin at the time and were nearly swept away except they got trapped beneath the water tight door, which probably saved them. They told us how upset the Captain was by the whole incident and how well they were taken care of afterward. They were really great people, I hope I get to sail with them again. I was cracking up though because on the repo cruise, there they were in that Owners Suite, There we all were, standing on their balcony waving to the Captain on the bridge. As much as I absolutely loved that Owner's Suite (OMG it was sooooo nice!), I think I'll stick to my aft mini suite.

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