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The scarest thing about the earthquake are the aftershocks. Because this earthquake was so large 8.8 the aftershocks are 6.9, 6.0, 6.6. The Earthquake in Haiti was 7.0; the aftershocks in Chile are almost as big as the Haiti quake. With the buildings and bridges damaged these aftershocks will take a toll. I'm also very concerned with the fires. Fires can kill more people then the quake. Here is a link to earthquakes in Chile. My thoughts and prays are with these people.
Earthquake List for Map of S America Region

The reports and warnings in California and Hawaii are for the protection of the people. But not much is happening here in regards to Tsunami. We watched a lot of coverage of the ocean. Yes it receded and yes the waves were stronger then normal. But so far nothing that will cause damage or lost of life which is very good news. It's interesting because Splendor is due in Long Beach CA tomorrow. I wonder if they will delay coming or it that won't be needed.
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