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Originally Posted by mmerali View Post
Okay, here are the differences, probably as you'll notice them.


RCI's teen facilities are usually about the same as CCL's if not better.
RCI's nightlife for teens last from around 9 or 10 pm to 1 am; no exceptions.

Also to keep in mind that you'll probably save a few bucks if you take CCL over RCI.
I have to disagree on three points here.

I've found Carnivals teen centers to always be superior to those onboard Royal Caribbean, in every aspect. They are in better locations, feature better sound systems (and frequently better or identical lighting) and their design is unique on every ship whereas Royal Caribbean has one fairly standard design for their teen centers and the decor and space don't differ too much on the different ships.

Second, Royal Caribbean's teen nightlife does not necessarily end at 1am. Even younger teens (12-14) frequently have activities that run past 1am. Unless the demand is simply not present, the teen directors will keep the clubs open fairly late. I've seen Fuel stay open on the Mariner as late as 3:30am during spring break. The downside is that once the club does close, you will likely be forced to return to a stateroom (not necessarily your own tho lol).

Lastly, from my perspective, RCI is much more aggressive with their pricing than Carnival. With CCL "what you see is what you get". Royal Caribbean digs up discounts out of thin air if you call and badger the vacation rep enough whereas Carnival has pretty much always stuck to their guns on prices. I find Carnival to be worth the extra money though.

In my own opinion you'll find things to compare and contrast with Carnival over Royal Caribbean. Carnival doesn't have as many "frills and bells" as Royal Caribbean, but they certainly throw a good party with much better food and a more pleasant staff.
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