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Originally Posted by S.S.Oceanlover View Post
Hi Oreodog,

Kim has already taken the cruise and is back.

Hopefully she had no problems with the dress codes.

Bill, this is a situation/subject that interests/concerns a lot of first time cruisers. Many lurkers come here and are afraid to post. They appreciate being able to read the information.

Now me, my Disney experience is limited to a 4 day. It had no formal nights, (so I am surprised the OP had a formal night on the 3 day-our cruise was in September 2004) and we found that cruise was very casual for dinner dress. One dinning room (Tritons) they requested men wear jackets and women wear either a dress or a dressy pantsuit. My husband and one other man were the only 2 men we saw wearing jackets. Only a handful of women were dressed up also.

We did dress up also, the night we ate at Palos. In that restuarant, you saw most women wearing nice cocktail dresses, but men, still few jackets, although most wore a nice collared shirt and dress slacks.
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