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Originally Posted by Fieldmouse View Post
Fern: Once on board ship we would just put all our money in the safe until we reach a port. !
We just returned from 7 nights on the Eurodam. As soon as my thoughts settle (it'll be this week!), I'll write up a review and post some pictures.

We used the room safe a lot. People differ, I suppose. We didn't find accessing it difficult, and it gave us a lot of peace of mind to stash really valuable things in it -- passports, extra cash, my wife's jewelry.

We used room service every morning for coffee/breakfast (my wife prefers the quietude of cabin breakfasting, I prefer coffee when I wake up, breakfast later with people I've never met before, which is fun ).

And, yes, the room service personnel seemed to be different every morning. I happily tipped him a dollar every time one of them appeared. And, then I felt guilty for not tipping him more .

Frankly, I was flabbergasted at the attention we received though it was so non-intrusive. How one pulls that off is beyond me, but they did it. They seemed like Ninjas -- when you are in, they are not; when you are out, they are in. You'd think they were hiding in a cupboard in the room.
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