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Originally Posted by gardener46 View Post
As a one new to cruising (We just returned from a 14 day around the horn,on Infinity) I first posted last summer asking about cruising and what was best to see in ports. I had just signed up for this cruise,and paid a lot of money for air fare to South America and back. I wish I had checked this and other cruise pages before. We had no problems with the pods but we were lucky.We took this cruise to see things and found we did not care for days just cruising.We are veteran travelers and would have been more than disappointed if there had been problems.You ask about the ship, it is very much in need of a redo,the service was wonderful, the food was average to fair(too often cold)and the excursions wonderful to bad depending on the guide. I have not posted since my first posts due to the constant bickering here. You want new posters , address that. I was interested in true information , instead I got a major fight about Celebrity versus Princess--which had nothing to do with my question.You are right Paul most new people come here for information. I have enjoyed Chit Chat for cruisers as the group with Rollerdonna seem to have no agenda.

Thanks for an unbiased report about one of the Celebrity Mclass ships. Reports about the older Celebrity ships needing a redo are common from cruisers who do not subscribe to a particular cruise line. I agree that these minor problems certainly can add up. I still believe in letting little things go and only worry about design problems or major problems on any cruise ship.

As Paul has said so many times, and I am sure that most readers would agree that a biased personal attack saying "your posts are saying a lot more about you than Celebrity", have no place on this board and I will refrain from making any comment. This board is far too valuable a resource for all to have that kind of stuff going on.

I wish to thank Paul and the cruisemates staff for allowing me to at least give readers an opportunity to make themselves aware of a possible problem that most cruisers, outside of the regulars on this board, are totally unaware of.

To return to the topic of this thread IMHO, considering everything, the Celebrity Mclass ships, with the possible exception of the Constellation, are in no way premium cruise ships. Now, the new ships just introduced by Celebrity, IMHO should be considered premium ships.

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