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Default Blu

Hi Paul

I think the question about Blu could be better answered by the Restaurant manager. I would assume that food would be made to order vs the precooked dishes that are served in the Main Dining room.

The main dining room is beautiful, so I would have to say it would be favored over Blu because of the extra cost if a table is available.

The food is pretty good in both restaurants.

I am Elite on a few cruise lines, I find that some of the amenities are standard issue in Aqua Class.

I have to recommend Princess for the perks, the unlimited Dry Cleaning and laundry is a big deal, even with Princess ships providing laundry facilities with irons.

Celebrity does not even have laundry facilities and Elite members only get a single item Dry Cleaned and a small bag of laundry, what a joke if your working out in the gym daily or traveling over seas on an extended cruise.


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