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Originally Posted by gardener46 View Post
FACTS! The main thing I and other new people are looking for--I feel it would be more than unethical when replying to questions about a cruise not to mention the pod problems if it applied--The Infinity sails to three destination areas---around the horn, Antarctica and Alaska--people go on these cruises to see the area--not to sit on the ship,(it is far too cold and windy to be on deck much on the cruise around the horn--I did not take enough warm clothing).Not to be informed of the pod problems when one asks for information is more than unethical.
No one says you shouldn't be informed of the pods but that wasn't the question asked in this thread. The pods are one part of the overall answer of whether the M class ships are "premium", whatever that means. Fact is that DESPITE the Pod problem, the M class ships are considered among the best ships in the large class category by a large majority of the cruising public and have been since they were launched.