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They did make a remake of that show with I think Robert Urich as the bombed I believe.
Personally I wasn't a fan of the show. My parents cruised a lot and one day called that they got a deal and were going to treat us to a Mexican riviera cruise with them. I was pretty sure we'd like it since my wife and I both love the ocean. I was a bit concerned about getting sea-sick however since I'd gotten ill on sailboats. But I'd figured (correctly) that there's a big difference between a sail boat and a ship where the motion was concerned. I've never had motion problems fortunately, even when seas have gotten pretty choppy. On our first full day I sat aft with my feet on a rail and realized that I'd never been so relaxed in my life....EVER. It was like a drug. And time slowed down...until we were on that last sea day heading home of course. I was hooked big time and on future cruises the same feelings hit me.....just wonderful.
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