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Default Labadee Cabanas - I have the answers!

Just returned from Freedom of the Seas yesterday and was able to rent two cabannas on Labadee - here's the scope:

1. There are about 12 different cabanas
--- (4) are over the water ($200 per unit)
--- (4) are beach front (you walk onto them via the beach) ($175 per unit)
--- (4) are hill top (you walk up stairs to get to them) ($150 per unit)

2. Booking of these cabannas are limited to Suite Guests (Grand Suite and higher) via the Suite Conceige. If by 24 hours prior to arriving in Labadee they have available cabannas Diamond and other guests can attempt to book them.

3. They are located at "Barefoot Beach", which is a cove area that faces where they used to anchor the ships before the pier was built. You must show your "gold suite" seapass card to enter the area OR have rented a cabanna. Once you initially arrive they give you a "gold wrist band" which allows you in/out access to the area. Each cabanna can accomodate "up to" 5 guests. The cabanna comes with a large bottle of Avion water for each guest booked in the cabanna located within a cooler inside. Each cabanna has a "butler" that services you exclusively. He basically brings you drinks from the bar (which you pay for), gets food from the buffet and brings it to you, give your free beach floatin mats, free snorkle gear, and drives you around Labadee in a golf cart.

4. A private buffett is located "within" the walls of barefoot beach; it has Steak, Shirimp, Burgers, Fries, etc.

Really awesome experience; highly recommend booking with your conceige in advance of your cruise as they go VERY quickly.
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