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Nurse Debra,

Originally Posted by You View Post
As Paul has said so many times, and I am sure that most readers would agree that a biased personal attack saying "your posts are saying a lot more about you than Celebrity", have no place on this board and I will refrain from making any comment. This board is far too valuable a resource for all to have that kind of stuff going on.
For the record, the statement that you boldfaced was not intended in any way as an attack. Rather, it was intended as a charitable effort to inform you how the overwhelming majority of readers are perceiving your comments. If it did not come across to you in that way, I'm sorry.

But the fact that my earlier comment did not come across to you as a charitable attempt to help you does not in any way alter the fact that the overwhelming majority of people who read your posts are taking them as a reflection on you rather than a reflection on Celebrity.

If you want to come across as sincere rather than vindictive, try posting something like this.

"The ships of the Millennium class have a legacy of propulsion pod failures that, at their peak, occurred about once per year per ship. When these failures occur, the ships operate at reduced speed until they can go into emergency drydock for repairs, potentially resulting in shortened or cancelled ports of call on one or two cruises before the emergency drydock when a failure occurs. The emergency drydock typically results in one cancelled cruise, for which the affected passengers historically have received a full refund of the cruise fare plus a certificate for a free cruise of equal duration. These failures have been considerably less frequent in recent years."

I think that if you were to make your point in these terms, it would be received far less unfavorably.