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Originally Posted by You View Post
A tuxedo is black, midnight blue, or a white jacket with black pants.That's it. Anything else in any other color is not a tuxedo.There is absolutely no need to match the colors that the bridesmaids are wearing.A tuxedo is always the correct attire for a semi formal evening event.
That's not accurate.

Strictly, a "tuxedo" is a specific style of dinner jacket first worn at a very exclusive country club in New York named The Tuxedo Club, from which it took its name. A white or midnight blue dinner jacket is NOT correctly called a tuxedo.

For a "black tie" or "modified black tie" evening, however, any style and color of dinner jacket is acceptable, with the caveat that white and pastel dinner jackets are worn only in warm weather. Whether a "tuxedo" or not, a dinner jacket is worn with black formal pants that have black satin tapes sown into the outseams, a pleated or ruffled formal shirt, a bow tie, either a vest or a cummerbund, black socks, and black formal dress shoes.

In lieu of long pants, many Bermudans wear black formal shorts with the same satin tape stripes in the outseams with black knee-high stockings and garters and that many Scotsmen wear the kilt of their clan with knee-high stockings and garters.

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