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Default Disgusted with Princess Cruises

Hi All

I will admit that I am fairly new to cruising, taking our first one in Dec2008, but having enjoyed it so much, I completed 7 over the next 12-13 months!!

Our company of choice was Princess till their blatant discrimination of not only myself but all my fellow countrymen that want to travel with them (and a few other companies).

I am currently looking at 5 cruises over the next 10 months, and like all dedicated cruisers I watch the sites for costings.

Princess - in their wisdom have decided to lock Australians out of the American sites, meaning that the cruises I am looking over are going to cost me nearly 50% more! When I am looking at around $9-10k per person, adding 50% is prohibitive!

I might add that I have never booked off shore, but this lock out means the aussie agents dont have to price match. The brochure price listed on US sites are substancially cheaper that the official Princess site in Australia, and then they are heavily discounted as well.

I can understand them saying (to ALL travellers) that if they live in a country, and they want to travel from a home port, that they have to book within their home country. But to say I cant book INTERNATIONAL embarkation cruises with whom I wish to, is discriminating to my self! What if I was travelling the USA and decided once there to do a cruise? Are they stating that I have to contact a home agent to make my bookings?

They seem to want to protect the Australian travel agents more than the travelling public that financially supports them. Not only this, but all correspondence has been ignored by the company for the past 8 weeks.

It will not matter how good there product is - with an attitude like this, all the advertising and agent give aways wont sustain there business!

So now I am looking at non-discriminating cruise lines, unless this discrimination stops!!

sorry for my rant, but I am telling all and sundry as Princess dont seem to care



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