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Originally Posted by sasco View Post
There are some addditional perks the AQ allows (entrance to certain areas such as the relaxation area free of charge for example). We can access these areas with the CC reservation, but for a fee. Also, we're sailing with friends and they have opted for AQ but want to eat with us in the MDR. Once on board we are going to try to get them moved to our table.
As I stated I personally don't believe that these items on their own justify the price increase. I was in an AQ area and used most of the facilities. The relaxation area is highly overated. All it is is a big room with some couch like furniture that is used primarily for those waiting for Spa appointments. You lay on the couch and look out the front windows, that;s it. If you are going to eat in the MDR it is really a waste to spend money on AQ.

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