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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
I heard this was going to be happening. I am not sure how they can stop you from seeing all Princess prices however, just because you can't go to their site.

I also believe that US agents will accept bookings for you, although I could be wrong. They will eventually see your passport and might restrict them from doing so.

So sorry - I guess it is a lot like everything else, you have to pay local prices for petrol and milk, too.
Hi Paul

I dont mind paying local prices for LOCAL product.. but I am not travelling within Australia..I want to travel South America..

How would hotels survive IF an Australian had to pre book ALL the accomodation when travelling overseas!!

all my travel this year will commence OUT OF AUSTRALIA..yet they wont let me book even in the country of embarkation!

also...Vaccations to go have advised that if I cant prove US ownership of property, that Princess will charge the difference on boarding!!

How can a company say a tour has a list price hundreds of $$ cheaper in the Us than they think aussies are so stupid they will be happy that they are over charging us??

I dont think so



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