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Princess protects artifical prices in other countries. Thats why they have princess UK and Princess Australia. They screw the brits and Aussies, I have been on Princess cruises in the carib where there were alot of brits on board who had to book thru Princess UK, They paid way more. Princess trys to camoflage it by including direct charters to US but the difference was still a sore thumb. I did talk to one couple from Holland that found a US T/A that provided them with an address in the US that the TA was able to use to book them for the carib under the princess United States rates. I have run into this very same thing with costa and msc trying to get rates for the med cruises. They will only give you rates by where you live. This is way different than "paying the local price for milk and petrol". The local price would be the same for everyone buying the milk. There would not be different prices based on where people lived. I paid the same price for wine in rome that the romans paid. This is international price fixing.
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