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Default Reserving Chairs

Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
I thought reserving deck chairs by putting a towel out in thwe morning was against the rules. It is a common gripe here in the boards.

I am not a sun worshipper so I would not know.
Being from where you are I can understand why you aren't a sun worshipper... but from here in N.E. I crave the sun and light... of course slathered with #30 cream and above... Yes, I thought that reserving a chair now with "chair butlers" isn't allowed too, but obviously.. Then again with a slight case of skin cancer several years ago I just allow myself to sit in the morning sun and move the chaise back... it feels so good to this o ld body.. Perhaps the difference is that I sit outside for a while in the 8:00 a.m often before going to breakfast at the buffet mid-morning.. I've been early, early sitting and reading and there are already chairs reserved in the back row..just with books, blankets, etc. these are people already there from early, early doing crosswords and reading...ALL DAY LONG..
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