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Originally Posted by doopydozer View Post
If you go some American sites they have a note that covers this problem.
I'm from Canada , I have the same problem with airlines. Flights to/from Asia are cheaper
if bought thru their Asian sites. I still get charged to Canadian price for the ticket.
This I found also happens to us if try to book cheap flights on some American carriers.

Hi there

of course You are charged in CAD$ BUT the rate is converted from the asian amt quoted....

the usa sites have the fares quoted in several currencies including AUD and these are hundreds, some times thousands of $$ cheaper than the quoted fares in Australia

IF You buy a ticket in Asia, say on tiger is in Singapore $$ which is then converted into your currency OR You have to go to the bank and buy the currency in a mail order and send it. I have done this in Yaun when i travelled in China

this is different...this is ONE company locking out countries because they do not have the population to support strong competition...AND trying to regulate even off your home soil..

I support them saying..IF the cruise leaves from Australia..i cant shop overseas for the best price..BUT...these cruises start in europe and south America..and i am arranging my own touring to get there..

in this day and age they should have equality and the travel agents are the ones that should be really is not logical to alienate the travelling population this way. No one wins let the agents all have the same playing field...and stop discrimination against certain counties!



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