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Default Desperatley seeking advice

Hi everyone,

I really want to get some work on cruise ships over this summer and I have been searching the internet high and low the whole day and feel even more confussed now then before I started.

Firstly what I do know is that I have to apply with an agency first and they help sort out your resume, advise you on the jobs you can apply for and put you in touch with a range of employers.

All of the agencies I have come across online though you have to pay for before you actually get a job. Surely that makes no sense and if you dont get a job you lose that money? Can anybody advise me on an agency to sign up to here in the UK for free or when I get the job I pay an agency fee? Am i making sense?

Any other advice anybody else can pass on would be great too. I don't know anybody who has ever done this before so could use all the help i can get really.

Thanks guys and girls,

Emily Walker
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