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Default Which cabin to pick?

I'm sure this has been debated ad nausem on here before, but I haven't seen any recent threads.

My wife and I are looking to go on the Conquest in September (we just had our first cruise on the Ecstasy last Thanksgiving) and are looking at an ocean view cabin, but these appear only to be available on the Riviera (1) and Main (2) decks. Early saver rates are restricted to a 6A which is restricted to Deck 1 fore and aft.

My wife says that we need to be higher on the ship and preferably in the middle to reduce the motion and engine noise (if in the rear), but neither of us are interested in a balcony (don't think we would gain that much for the extra cost, and hear too much about privacy/proximity to other cabins) and I don't think I would enjoy a interior much at all (I liked having a window). I noticed the 4J category which offers an "obstructed" view but these are at the front of the ship.

On our Ecstasy cruise last year we were in cabin E47 (starboard/fore) and you felt some motion, but I didn't think it was that big of a deal. I never went down to the lower decks, so I have no idea if it would be worse down there.

The only time I can say the motion was just bothersome was when we would eat at the Panorama grill (Lido deck, stern) and sometimes the motion was just crazy.

Anyone have any insight to offer? Would I be fine in a 6C on the Main deck, or would we be happier looking at an interior on an upper deck?
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