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Originally Posted by Tree Hugger View Post
My wife says that we need to be higher on the ship and preferably in the middle to reduce the motion and engine noise (if in the rear), but neither of us are interested in a balcony (don't think we would gain that much for the extra cost, and hear too much about privacy/proximity to other cabins) and I don't think I would enjoy a interior much at all (I liked having a window). I noticed the 4J category which offers an "obstructed" view but these are at the front of the ship.
Actually LOWER and mid ship is the least motion, so if you are prone, the higher you move the more motion you are going to feel. I love those 4Js myself, but if you are prone to motion sickness, I guess they are not for you.

For two people the biggest bargain is a 1A with twin and convertible sofa and a port hole, but the beds will be different heights .. so my next pick with be a PT, but thats me ...

The advantage of a OV is it is 220 s.f.... balconys are 185 s.f. inside, and standard balcony 35 s.f... so you dont gain any s.f..

I guess for you pick the lowest category mid ship balcony you are comfortable with if you want to be higher on the ship.
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