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Originally Posted by Donna View Post
Thanks Pat and Allen,
So, it works both ways, and in the end it works out even I guess.
soooo we all sit back and simply accept bad behaviour...

this is why they get away with it...

i was a travel agent, and i totally understand the reasoning of paying for international airfares in a home currency...but this is ONLY when travel involves your home port..

nothing stops me from buying my ticket to america from QANTAS, then going on line and buying an AA ticket LAX/NYC us $$ then flying home on my aussie ticket..

THIS is what they are doing to us...forcing all to pay home prices even though the home port is NOT involved at all in the trip!!

as i have is the agents that should be this day and age of the is beyond rude for a company to sell exactly the same product at a different list price depending on where some one lives..they want smaller countries to support larger countries with more isnt just the discounts that are is the brochure list price..from the company that is cheaper to start with!!

so the agents in australia and elsewhere are already behind the 8 ball..

so yes...i will find a line that doesnt have this prcatice...or find another way to holiday...

there are many choice is a pity the cruise lines dont realise this!!



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