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Originally Posted by cruiselady23 View Post
I am sailing on the Maasdam April 2 roundtrip Ft. Lauderdale to San Diego (28 days). This will be my 4th extended cruise on Holland America 26 days or more. They are fantastic cruises and don't worry about the food being repetitious. The menus are wonderful, always including something new and different. Bon Voyage!!
You know THIS is the type of cruise we were thinking of! We saw the itinerary of the Maasdam and the Statendam....both cruises look perfect for us. (No flying hahaha)

In the mean-time there is an HAL 14 day Alaskan cruise out of Settle with a port itinerary we've never visited before. Not only does it looks like fun but it will give us an opportunity to see how we do on a slightly longer cruise. You know 'Baby Steps'. :razz:
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