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Cool Cruise air

Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
Quite frankly - wouldn't touch cruise air with any of the cruiselines. They are not user friendly and the cruiseline does not help you if you have a problem although a lot of people think they will.

You don't find your flights til close in and you could be on the milk run at any given time.

You are much better of booking your own or having your TA do it for you.

WELL, I figured my darn t/a should earn her $$ because we always pick the cruise and know which cabin. etc. etc and she gets the commission..Besides, if you book with a t/a the cruise lines don't want to deal with you. She booked through Celebrity Swiss Air which was my first it a bargain who knows?? know we have one stop in Zurich..and then onto Rome.. we have used it before and found them quite efficient.. though our favorite is Aer Lingus to Barcelona.. Plus they have two by two seating on the side aisles...
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