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Originally Posted by Parrot Mom View Post
WELL, I figured my darn t/a should earn her $$ because we always pick the cruise and know which cabin. etc. etc and she gets the commission..Besides, if you book with a t/a the cruise lines don't want to deal with you. She booked through Celebrity Swiss Air which was my first it a bargain who knows?? know we have one stop in Zurich..and then onto Rome.. we have used it before and found them quite efficient.. though our favorite is Aer Lingus to Barcelona.. Plus they have two by two seating on the side aisles...
I don't know what your paying but that actually sounds good for flights. One change is not bad at all.

Being a TA I understand your frustration when you can't talk to the cruiseline yourself however your TA should be keeping you up to date on your flights since she did choice air by the sounds of it. Has she given you your flights yet? Of course you can't take that exactly to the bank because these days it's not unusual for the airlines to change your flight times several times. Of course you want to stay on top of that information as they can change the times to something that just won't work - like leaving before the ship arrives for the return portion.

I have to have airlines change flights frequently because of that - the times are good when I book but after a couple of months they start messing with the times and next thing you know I'm on the phone telling them it just won't work. Now I do find the U.S. Carriers are good when I call and tell them it won't work with finding something that will.

Just keep an eye on it.
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