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My sister and I are going on our first cruise this May and we will be traveling solo without DH's or kids. We had planned it with a several other family members and friends but other things came up...i.e. new job or pregnancy. I was considering asking a close friend if she would like to join us, but thought better of it because of her whining and complaining personality.

Just going out to lunch with her is trying to say the least, the spoons are dirty, the water is not cold enough the food must be prepared a certain way because of her preferences and allergies....I have come to the point that I right away let the wait staff know that we are getting seperate checks...just in case they decide to retaliate.

My sister and I spoke about this and decided not to invite her not only for ourselves but why subject other people to this when trying to enjoy their vacation.
I would definitely ask for another table if seated with this type of individual or eat at the buffet. I am there to enjoy and relax, so I really wish everyone could leave the gripes and complaints at home...believe me they will be waiting for you when u return.
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