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Good Morning Rollerdonna and all who follow!

I don't worry about watching Lost on TV as Fran has been telling me for decades that I am long beyond just being lost.

Another beautiful morning here in upper East Tennessee with highs projected to climb into the low sixties. The lawn and garden place picked up my Husqvarna lawn tractor sometime yesterday to take it in for it's annual oil/filer, air filter change/check-up. I told them to please also replace the blades. On that machine they are quite inexpensive and my old ones had already been sharpened once. Again despite all the frigid temperatures up until just about a week ago, it's hard to believe we'll be back to lawn mowing within a couple of weeks, probably less. Spring has certainly returned to the South.

Read an interesting article during my "middle of the night awakening period" about taking vitamins. Suffice it to say, the vitamin industry will be none too thrilled that the public is being informed that there is little to no reason in this day and age for most folks on an average diet to take vitamins and that to do so, can be sometimes even be harmful. One reason is because since many of us middle age and over who took vitamins when we were young, the food industry has enriched so many different foods (in addition to just bread and milk) that one today normally gets plenty of vitamins.

Hope everyone has a bright Tuesday!

Prayers and Blessings continue!

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