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Good Morning CruiseMates!!!
Well all I can say about our weather yesterday was WOW! It started out very foggy like pea soup, but around 10 the fog started to burn off. It was so beautiful. Sunny and believe it or not it actually got above 60 degrees, I was in heaven as I drove down the road with my windows open. D/D got some good news, her sleep study came out borderline normal and the Doctor was able to find that most of her issues were mostly due to sinus/allergic reactions and we are trying some different meds to control that without surgical intervention. So no least for now. Hopefully the meds will be sufficient to do the job.

Today I have to go back to Indy, this time for d/s's appointment. This should be a very eventful appointment. I looked back on the calendar at d/h's last surgery and by week 6 he was starting to try to walk with his walking cast and crutches, So now we are about a week past that point and he should have xrays today and should it all look good I expect that when we get home he will begin to start walking again. This very exciting.

I finally got a good night's sleep last night. I was so beat. I hope we have a nice day today like yesterday, but we have a 40% chance of rain and clouds should start moving who knows. At least it isn't snow.

Ewwww Todd, that reminds me, I need to get my Husqvarna ZTR in too. Last year d/h and the neighbor decided to make it a DIY project.... all I can say is this year the professional is going to do it. Also I guess I need to go evict the mice from the yard barn and pray that I get them all out before the mower turns them into shredded mouse burgers yucko!

I bought some bulbs and other stuff and I am trying to get ready to start planting as soon as frost danger is over.

Well I better start getting ready to get the kids ready for another exciting day. I hope it's a good one for all of you!!!

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