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Good Morning cruisemates! A day in the high 50s only in store for me in the desert today. They "were" calling for rain this morning, but that hasn't materialized. "They" say it's still going to rain today, but I'm hoping they remain wrong.... as we've got tickets for a spring training baseball game this afternoon.

Got to go out for dinner last night with my nephew; just the two of us, which I enjoyed, so we got to have a nice personal one on one chat.

Just a few more days here, then I head to Miami for the big SeaTrade Convention. There's going to be tons of cruise line execs, suppliers trying to showcase their wares, and tourism boards vying to get seen and reported on, and I'm going to be taking a "kuki look" at the proceedings and reporting to you. We should have some fun, and hopefully you'll be able to share it with me here.
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