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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
It is possible they plan to change their tipping policies for the Ozzies who HATE to tip. If that was the case thwy would have to manage their bookings separately.
Hi Paul

sorry i dont understand your post???

what does tipping have to do with a discriminatory policy of booking a cruise..

Princess..and a few other lines have decided that IF there isnt enough competition, that they dont have to discount as heavily, so they dont offer the same costings to the smaller countries...what they dont Aussies are very fair minded..and this will backfire as we are known travellers..and will seek other holiday destinations...and companies...and yes...not all companies have this isnt a country is a company one.

and i would like to explain about Aussies and tipping...

it isnt that we hate it...(and I would like to add my husband and I tip more than most americans IF what we were told in discussions with Americans on our last cruise!)..we dont remember it

when I go to a restaurant on a is a sure bet that the waiters and staff are earning more than the $20.00 per hour I earn in my job.. So when some one is paid a fair wage for that they do..why tip them as well?? I dont get a tip for a well run office, or a perfect letter or document I type..I am paid for the are our waiters, porters...and shop assistants! So we simply are not in the habit of thinking of tipping.

that being said...Aussies do tip occassionally in Australia, but not to the degree we would IF we knew the staff were being underpaid and were living on tips...

so it isnt that we dont like it..we simply dont comprehend a system that we dont live by..



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