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I have been told for slot machine wins that require an attendant to pay that itís appropriate to tip 10%. I say baloney to that, after Iíve been dropping coins into a slot for 3 day finally I get a nice return and some guy Iíve never seen deserves a big chunk of it? I usually give $20 to $50 per $1000 paid out depending how good Iíve been doing overall. The attendants have always been very gracious about receiving that amount and never made me feel like I stiffed them. I would bet (no pun intended) that they often donít get tipped at all.

If the dealers are friendly on the table games I make one or two bets an hour for the dealers, more if Iím doing well. If none of the bets have hit I usually leave a tip the size of my average bet straight up for the dealer. Iím not tipping for better server, but to reward a better overall experience. More if they are encouraging and talkative, less if they are sullen or grumpy.

I donít really have a good feel for tipping when I cash out at the cashiers cage. It used to be expected in Vegas but I donít see anyone else do it any more. If Iíve had a good run Iíll usually leave a tip the same size a my average bet that session.

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