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Default Carnival's web site makes me want to punt a litter of cute little puppies off a cliff

I made a reservation for a September 2010 on the Conquest this past Sunday. I checked my bank balance today and noticed the deposit I thought I had paid Carnival had not gone through so I checked their website. According to I had cancelled the reservation, which I hadn't so I called customer service. I was informed by the rep that the CC I had used for payment was shown as "invalid", I guess I typed a wrong number. She said to just go back through the web site and book again as the cabin assignment had been released. No big deal, it was my mistake, so I move on.

I go back through the booking procedure and click the "Book Now" button after I enter my CC info and wait, and wait, and wait. Finally I get an error message from Carnival and it says to click the "back" button (theirs, not the browsers) and try again. I do that, same result. I start to wonder if it is my browser so I switch from Firefox to Internet Explorer and try again, bingo it works, I get a confirmation page, booking number and everything. (I should note at this point that I was having to select a different cabin each time because it wasn't providing the same numbers, this should have been a HUGE red flag, but I digress).

I check my accounts online a while later and notice THREE separate $500 charges from Carnival, time to call customer service again. After some searching and explaining, because he was only finding one booking under my name, so I had him lookup the different cabin numbers, it turns out that the two "error"ed bookings had indeed gone through, in addition to the one that I had actually gotten a confirmation from, sheesh. He asked if I was sure I didn't need the additional cabins (well, I guess my wife and I might need a couple of backup cabins in case of emergency), but I say no and after key punching and a couple trips on hold everything was finally resolved.

What sucks is that the extra charges won't be credited back to my account for a couple of days. I know they have to get it fully INTO their system before they can take it OUT of their system, but it just feels weird having an extra $1,000 floating around in no man's land.

I really need my vacation now.
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