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I have four children who from a very young age knew what kind of behavior was expected from them in public. I have walked out of restaurants, stores, movies...and if we have to walk out there will be consequences and you will not like them! My husband has a cousin who has one daughter who they complained about her behavior. Seems they would not take her ANYWHERE - not even McDonald's! How can she learn how to behave if you don't give her the opportunity to be in public. No, they keep her at home and let her run absolutely wild!
Our kids drive us crazy sometimes, but I can't count how many times we've been approached by strangers complimenting us on how well our children are behaving - especially when they were little (mainly because our last three are less than 3 years apart - total - and no, we don't have twins!). Always amazed us and gave us the little pat on the back that let us know we were doing something right!
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