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I hope to get on one of the new ships soon. Our culinary editor will be going on Odyssey in June and she is a real expert. I am sure she will give us a great article on everything food related onboard.

I'll tell you a secret. Seabourn is not that excited about inviting me because we don't have a lot of Seabourn people posting in our message boards. They think that means their people don't come here.

But if you look at every message, the few there are, you will see that each one has been viewed THOUSANDS of times.

People come here to do Seabourn research. Unfortunately Seabourn the cruise line, hasn't helped us build out our Seabourn community.

That is one reason I am very glad YOU are here. We need more regular posts in Seabourn and the other luxury cruise lines as well.

I hope to possibly go on one of the smaller Seabourn cruise ships to Asia this summer.
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