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Default The more the merrier

Sylvia, despite my outstanding ability to make the most of any hanger supply by using one hanger for multiple garments, I must confess that I have already been in touch with a recently retired woman from Scotland, who had quickly contacted me via private message. We began to exchange emails, and in a lengthy telephone conversation, we seemed to be getting along well enough that I went ahead and added her name as the second passenger on the cabin reservation.

However, this cruise is still a long way off, and some problem could crop up that might prevent her-- or me, for that matter!-- from making the it certainly never hurts to have a backup plan. Likewise, if you're really interested in going, you might consider ME as YOUR "backup plan"-- and continue to look for someone to room with, maybe by starting a thread of your own on this board. This far out from the sail date, you can easily do as I did-- make a reservation, planning to add a second passenger name later-- and cancel without penalty in plenty of time if you have no luck.

It's always nice to have more people you practically know, at least from online or telephone interactions, onboard to spend time with, so I hope to see you there!

Please keep me posted...Best wishes, "jeph"
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