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After going thru this upsell/upgrade deal. Our name was submitted to the IMG by our TA. Out OF our last 3 cruises we were called 1 time for (upsell) to a suite 11 CAT from a 8A in JAN on the Liberty but we had a 9A and were happy. They wanted $400 extra or $200 ea.
Number 2 was called for a upsell from a balcony on the Pride to a GS for $500 ea. We had a great price on that balcony and it cost $1242.00 ea for the GS. Check out the price for a GS on a spirit class, it was a good deal and we just got back, we had not so great wather and were in the room alot. Our PVP keeps sending our name to be called but that don't mean we will get called, depends what they are trying to move. Each cruise will be different and how many people turn down the deal till they get to you, if they ever do. I think the free upgrades are a thing of the past. People are taking the deals to move up. The 3rd cruise we never got called.
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