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the golden rule of cruise travel is applicable here

"if you err on the side of caution when you get off the ship at 0830 am(book a 1 pm instead of a 10 am), everything will go like clockwork and you'll be at the airport at 0845 am wishing you had booked the cheaper 10 am departure" (Felix the Cat)

"if you are the optimist (book the 10 am) and you hit any of the barriers (and you usually don't hit just one, but several), you make it to the airport at 0930 and you miss the cut off, then you are stuck until 5pm to get out of town on standbye (Rivilian)

and remember due to security, if your bag does not make it in the pit of the airplane, you don't fly

when i was younger, i was an optimist, now i am older and don't like the extra stress when i wake up on the last day to worry about everything going right, I book the 1 pm, don't rush off the ship, get to the airport around 1030 am and have my book and mp3 player and kick back and watch the folks, sometimes it could be boring, but generally it's alot of fun watching stressed out passengers who missed their 10 am departures thru no fault of their own

the other way to play it, is if you just have carry on's and are a premier member of one of the airlines, you may have options if everything goes right to move up to the earlier flight
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