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I'm in Miami, though it was a bit of adventure getting here, and no this time it isn't an airline story.

Screwed up setting my alarm this morning. Set for 5 AM, alarm went ??? I woke up at 6:15, my flight was 7:45. Jumped into some clothes, threw toiletries in my bag, and ran for my car for the normal 25 minute ride to the airport.
Saw a photo radar camera flash as I zoomed by (RATS). Parked off-site, they got me to the airport, check in was smooth, and I was onboard when the flight left 10 minutes early.

I used to say I'd rather join AA than fly AA, but today's flight went well; arrived in Miami almost half an hour early, and my bag was almost the first one to appear on the carousel.

Off to the DoubleTree Surfcomber I had booked on South Beach. Checked in, and checked out. The room was smaller than the old broomclosets on NCL's Norway, and not in great shape.

Now settled into luxury at Loew's on South Beach, though I may have to unretire to settle the bill when I check out.

Looking forward to my first visit to the biggest Cruise Convention in the world, Seatrade (Cruise Shipping Miami). Going to see what kind of mischief I can cause .. ER... I mean observe

Tomorrow I'm going to see a presentation on Pasturized Eggs. I'm so excited about the topic I'm already almost over easy.
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